ARV Facts

Facts about Antiretroviral Drugs

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Treatment for Life
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The fact that none of the ARV products currently marketed in Africa and beyond can cure HIV or AIDS is a little known fact. This gap of knowledge has two main reasons:

  1. The pharmaceutical multinationals invest millions of Rand in organizations promoting ARVs – despite their inability to cure.
  2. Moreover, hardly any of the patients taking ARV pills receives the product information – mandated by law – because in many doctor’s offices and hospitals, ARV pills are deliberately removed from the manufacturer’s box containing the warnings, long before the patients receive the pills.

The pharmaceutical multinationals support special organizations, which infiltrate the hospitals in the developing world under the veil of charity. A main function of these organizations is, to take the ARV pills out of the manufacturers boxes and “repackage” them in colorful daily supply boxes – removing any product information and warning notices. One of these “repackaging” organizations is called “Médecins Sans Frontières” MSF (Doctors Without Borders). The picture above is taken from an MSF brochure. It shows how ARV pills are “repackaged” from the original containers (upper right hand corner) into a patient box, which no longer contains the warning notices – but instead only the colorful logo of MSF.